Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing with I Write Like

There's a fun new site that I've seen all over facebook, twitter, and linked in. I am impressed, first of all, that it has come up among completely different social networks, sent to me by people from entirely remote spheres of life. It is called I Write Like at

You copy and paste your writing in and it tells you that based on word choice and writing style, what author you resemble. The fascinating part lies in if it truly analyzes writing style. Word choice is a much less complex, and less interesting tool for amateur authors. If it was JUST word choice, you write about space you get a sci-fi author, you write about sports and get a sports author.

Well I have been playing with the page and it does not just go on word choice. I know this, partially because I pasted my Gliding blog post below (all about ice hockey) and got a sci-fi author as my style guru. Also because of an idle experiment I jsut completed, trying to prompt the site to return a certain author. Using a few choice words that one very very popular author repeats, I kept getting Vladimir Nabokov. Pushing further the site told me that my words were reminiscent of Mary Shelley. Frustrated I added more and more words that I recalled from the most popular book series of the past five years. The generator reverted back to James Joyce. It analyzes writing style! So a random collection of words will eventually only resemble Joyce's stream of consciousness page long sentences in Ulysses. I came at my quarry again, this time attempting to venerate the style and finesse, as well as some of the content, of this millionare author. Success! Click through to enlarge

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