Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photos from Executive Panel on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at People 2010: Saba Global Summit

Executive Panel: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A fascinating and inspiring discussion moderated by Bobby Yazdani, Founder and CEO, Saba. Yazdani talked about the need for any entrepreneur to disrupt the norm, breaking through the status quo and reforming the world with his ideas.

Bobby Yazdani and a team of entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs presented their exciting and lucrative projects that focused the power of technology on the user-experience:

Doug Imbruce

Founder and CEO of Qwiki, the new information experience. Jaws dropped as Imbruce navigated through searches on Boston and JFK and a multimedia story about each unfolderd. You can experience it pre-launch here.

Doug Imbruce

Babak Pahlavan

Co-Founder and CEO, Clever Sense, a company working to personalize the world around you. They are developing an AI-based, context-aware, personal conceirge. Meet Seymour here.

Babak Pahlavan

Haroon Mokhtarzada

Founder and CEO, Webs, a custom website service design for microbusinesses who see more than 30 million visitors to their Webs sites each month. Mohktarzada also played a video that demonstrated the advantages of his new small business management tool, Contact Me.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Creative Director, New Math TV, a sound design company where Fitzpatrick connects musicians and advertisers. Fitz also performed for all attendees of the conference with his band Fitz and the Tantrums.

Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitzpatrick at Saba People 2010

Brett Huneycutt

Co-Founder, 1000 Memories, a web service to provide memorial sites for remembered loved ones. Brett talked about the need to create an emotional space on the internet for families and friends to share stories and memories.

Brett Huneycutt

Drew Ladner

Chairman and CEO, Pascal Metrics, a company that measures patient safety culture through data-driven measurements of the healthcare industry.

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