Friday, December 22, 2017

Getting Back, Jack!

Wow, it's been a while.

This blog has become an every-other-year reminder from my domain provider, to renew and recall that I set this up way back when. I had a few different and shifting goals about what I wanted to share here. I've decided to start it up again and become a big more agnostic about what I share here. My goal is to share content and thoughts and questions on the following topics:

  • Business: Customer marketing, digital marking, social media marketing, online community management
  • Music Breaks: Great songs and videos, and my Follow the Band Name* game results, possibly some Too Much Cat** ditties
  • Creative Writing: Questions, Ideas, Frustration, Rants, and hopefully (hopefully) some prose.

*Great, great, great game - I'll tell you soon!
**May have to add the asterisks to the band name

I'm not confident I'll have readers here, but if you do stop by, feel free to shame my 5 year hiatus in the comments, or tell me how one blogs properly, or post some latke recipes (mine could be crispier)

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