Friday, December 22, 2017

Social Media Certifications, In Person Workshops, Paid E-Learning

Did you study social media marketing? 

My career path is sort of a long story - when it comes up with new people, it takes a while to tell. Academically, I focused on literature at The University of York, UK. I followed the BA with a MA in English at Simmons College while working in the Communications Department. 

I wrote so many essays. Very few tweets.

Like many of my generation (call us the Old Millenials) born in the 80s, I got to experience the emergence of social media coming of age as I came of age. I had a myspace, I missed friendster. My Facebook account age matches when Facebook opened up to allow University of York students access. Before there were any aunts, grandparents, babies around in that college profile site. 

And my official training in online forums, online marketing, social media was... non existent. Those courses weren't courses when I was taking courses. 

My first job in technology was as a 'community manager'. Before they hired me, the company came up with the idea they should have one, then they created the title, then they hired me. They didn't look for social media certifications on my resume.

I've heard similar stories at networking events - we are early adopters - career-wise.

Today, I'm looking for useful, worthwhile social media and community training. I want to share useful courses and options with my team and I am also looking at what I might take myself. Part refresher - part, what did I never really learn? 

Here's my research on available courses so far:

Links of Social Media and Community Training Options:

Online Community:

Community Roundtable: Strategic Community Workshop: 
Community Strategy, ROI, and Business Case - $995 for one, $1492.50 for two

Community Roundtable: Community Program Essentials: $495
Advocacy Program

Social Media

Twitter Flight School – Free
Marketing Leadership – 60 minutes, online

Facebook Blueprint - Free
Facebook and Instagram
Courses include:
Campaign Optimization
Creative Best Practices
Purchasing Ads
Ad Targeting

Hootsuite University

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification - $199 fee
60 question online exam, based on Hootsuite’s  free online Social Marketing Training course

Newhouse Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate - $2200
15 modules, video lessons, text-based learning, supplemental readings, quiz, exam
40 hours of content

What workshops, courses, elearning, certifications have you invested time in? What did you think? 

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